Your Finest Smile Should Include Treatments During Cold and Flu Season

February 26, 2018
February 26, 2018

Did you know that it is essential to continue caring for your teeth if you are suffering from a cold or the flu? Thus, as cold and flu season comes upon us, it is important to make sure you’re still caring for your teeth and gums. In fact, many cases of left-over debris in your mouth contributes to cold and the flu if you allow bacteria to continue to culminate, so be sure to continue brushing twice a day and floss once daily as well. For alternative cleaning products, consider using mouthwash.

While you’re suffering from a cold or the flu, you need to exercise caution if you find yourself vomiting. This is because acids from your stomach rise up into your mouth and begin to contribute to dental erosion. To help combat this, wash acids away with chewing gum or by inducing additional saliva. In addition, choose health care products that are sugar-free. This includes cough drops and other similar medicines.

There’s also a significant risk factor with medicine that can lower your oral health due to dry mouth. Dry mouth is often produced by medications as a side effect which limits the amount of saliva you make in your mouth. To produce additional saliva, try eating crunchy foods that are high in water content. Staying hydrated can also help in the formation of saliva. Without enough saliva in your mouth, you will be much more at risk for health ailments such as erosion and tooth decay.

Are you in need of oral health care during cold and flu season? To visit with our team at Prince Dental Care, please book an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Browning Prince and our team at our dentist office. Our office is located in San Jose, California, and you can reach our office at 408-243-5044.

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