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With modern dentistry, we have excellent treatments in preventative care to protect your teeth from issues like cavities and tooth decay. But sometimes, these things still happen! That’s why our team at Prince Dental Care is here for you. One of the best ways to repair a cavity is with a dental filling. Tooth-colored fillings are the perfect solution to give you a seamless restoration!

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Traditionally, dentists used metal fillings, made of a combination of metal alloys to give you one cohesive restoration. The problem is, metal fillings contain mercury, which can be toxic when a filling gets old or broken and eventually needs to be removed.

Tooth-colored fillings are also called “white fillings” because they’re made of a composite resin material that blends in perfectly with your tooth. Not only are they a more conspicuous solution than metal fillings, but they’re also very durable.

Composite fillings can last up to several years without needing to be replaced, and they’ve got the added bonus of being more biocompatible. This means they’re made of non-toxic materials that won’t affect your overall health if they become loose or damaged.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • Safe & biocompatible

  • Durable & long-lasting

  • Fracture resistant

  • Reliable restoration

  • Completely invisible

Do You Need Fillings in San Jose?

Tooth-colored fillings are reliable restorations that can fix the damage caused by cavities! They’re a great example of what modern dentistry has to offer. If you’re in need of a dental filling and want to learn more about how tooth-colored fillings are different from traditional metal fillings, contact our office today!

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tooth-colored fillings

With modern dentistry, we have excellent treatments in preventative care to protect your teeth from issues like cavities and tooth decay.

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