Other Diseases Can Affect Oral Health

March 23, 2018
March 23, 2018

While your dentist can treat many oral health issues concerning general decay and gum disease, and there are specialists within the field of dentistry that have expertise in the most difficult oral concerns, some issues are more studied by some healthcare specialties than others. When needed your dentist will direct you to the proper practitioner for expert care.

Some diseases that affect oral health but may require an outside specialist are systemic diseases such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and lupus. These all have oral health components affiliated with them. When these diseases are manifest and result in dental issues, their diagnosis and management would be the responsibility of a specialist. Your dentist may advise you to seek the help of an endocrinologist, immunologist, or rheumatologist respectively. Also, your general practitioner can help you find a doctor with the proper specialty as well.

There is a discipline within dentistry called Stomatology that specializes in difficult oral health conditions, many of which are still not entirely understood. There are studies underway and researchers assigned that are looking into the body’s connection to oral health and issues that present in the mouth. Some symptoms reported by patients with these problems are:

-Burning tongue
-Sensory disorders
-Taste disorders
-Movement disorders
-Chronic pain

If you have an oral health issue that may require a specialist, feel free to call Dr. Kenneth Browning Prince and our team at Prince Dental Care. You can make an appointment at: 408-243-5044, or come by our office in San Jose, California.

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