Important Dental Insight on Composite Dental Fillings

January 20, 2018
January 20, 2018

Building a better smile often starts with ideal oral health care and the removal of any ailments that may be present. If you have suffered extensive dental erosion in the form of cavities, it means holes in your tooth enamel are present. In order to adequately treat your smile, the decayed material must be removed, and the holes must be filled in. Tooth restorations designed to do just this are known as dental fillings.

Enhancing your smile often consists of oral health care routines and restorations designed to treat any damage that may have occurred to your teeth. Because dental erosion is such a common factor, it is important to always inspect your teeth to determine if any holes in your teeth have formed. If dental erosion has occurred to the point where a hole is present, this is known as a cavity. Cavities can be treated with composite dental fillings.

If you’re looking for a tooth restoration treatment that can easily blend in with the natural color of your teeth, composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored composites, are an ideal treatment. Not only can they easily blend in with the color of your teeth, but they can be used on very small cavities that may be too difficult for dental amalgams to treat effectively. They’re also more preventative to tooth fracture than amalgams are, and can last between 7 to 10 years before they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Not only are composite fillings extremely durable and designed to match the color of your teeth, but they’re also mercury-free and can provide better protection for your teeth. This is because they are better sealants of the margins and will not leak as other forms of dental fillings such as amalgams may.

Is there anything you wish to know about composite dental fillings? There has never been a better time to receive composite dental fillings in San Jose, California. You are welcome to schedule an appointment at Prince Dental Care by calling us at 408-243-5044. Dr. Kenneth Browning Prince looks forward to taking your smile and your oral health care to the next level with composite dental fillings.

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